About The English Council


The English Council was formed in the year 2000 by a group of like-minded English native speakers of English, who were concerned about the spoken English Language and the English Culture, how it was being misused, abused, changed and badly used as it is taught and spoken in England and throughout the world.

The main aim of the English Council is to promote and encourage the teaching of spoken English to facilitate it's primary function - communication. Speech is the fastest method of communication between people, but it's all too often the case that people supposedly speaking the same language, in this case English, do not understand each other, because of: accent, dialect or just poor pronunciation. To this aim we maintain that International standard English (the Queen's English) be the core base of the English language.

The English Council is an English Language and culture organisation, a guiding body for teachers, schools and students intent on improving their English skills throughout the world and in the country in which Oxford and Cambridge Universities are situated, where the sport of Football (Soccer) was born, and where the original and most distinctly articulated English is spoken. From the birth place of the English Language, were it has been spoken for the past 1,562 years in one form or another and subsequently for only the past 235 years in America, since they gaine there Independence from the United Kingdome of Great Britain.

The English Council provides: teacher training and registration, for Teaching English as a Second or Other Language.

Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in England and other countries throughout the world and to increase appreciation of England's creative ideas and achievements. We are also keen to establish professional partnerships with organisations and individuals throughout the world, in the fields of education and culture.

The English Council register is open to all Schools/Academies/Centres and Teachers who can demonstrate they are able and willing to teach English to a recognised standard. That standard being ISE “International standard English”

Teachers: for teachers of the English Language who have a native speaker's level of English, who want to be recognised as a teacher of good quality English – ISE.

Schools/Academies/Centres: who are running approved ISE - International Standard English courses.