Business Certificate


This course introduces key business concepts and subjects to help you develop practical language skills for the modern business world, increasing your business vocabulary and your ability to communicate on all levels. This course will help you to improve your English, to improve your job, to improve your life.

People wanting to improve their Business English vocabulary and use will find this courses enjoyable, stimulating and most importantly, practical. Students will finish their course with a Business English certificate. Each study module is based around a central theme or functional area of English and is worked on as a project by you with your on-line tutor. Each module will have an element of conversational, communicative, interaction, plus each lessons will include a theoretical research projects for you to do in the comfort of your own home or office, giving you a chance to really make a good effort to improve your business English, to then help you improve your job prospects and improve your life.

The English Council method enables students to develop their ESL giving them the ability to communicate effectively in English by improving their grammatical knowledge, their spoken language skills and their self-confidence. All English Council Courses include a balance of grammar and pronunciation, plus business vocabulary building and functional English for all situations, both at work and social. A good social vocabulary will help you with networking and building your business contacts, etc. English Council Courses are designed to help improve spoken English language skills, through a variety of authentic situations, using a wide range of materials and methods to help develop and improve language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Cost of course: £65 = $108