Business Diploma


The English Council Business English Diploma Course will give you a full in-depth knowledge of Business English and the ability to then teach it to others. Courses can also be arranged for a Specific Purpose (ESP) and designed for professionals and business entrepreneurs who need English for part of their daily professional interaction. ESP is a higher form of ESL course. It gives the professional the necessary English skills and prepares him/her to cope, with confidence, in an environment where English is the standard medium of communication. The English Council Tutors can tailor your ESP program for the specific need of each student for their specific purpose, such as English for Business, English for Law, English for Accounting, English for Medics/Paramedics, English for Nurses, English for Call Center Operators, English for the Hospitality Industry (hotels, restaurants, etc) Students receive a certificate from the English Council, indicating their achieved level of spoken business English.

Having achieved the required level, they will also be awarded a Business English Trainers Certificate.

Cost of course: £95 = $157