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English Council levels available in the accurate recording of levels of English attained.

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Stage 1:

Step 1 Beginners

Step 2 Elementary (Trinity 1)

Step 3 Upper Elementary (IELTS 1) (Trinity 2)

Stage 2 - Level 1:

Step 4 Advanced Elementary (IELTS 2) (Trinity 3)

Step 5 Pre Intermediate (IELTS 3) (Trinity 4)

Step 6 Lower Intermediate (IELTS 4) (Trinity 5)

Stage 3 - Level 2:

Step 7 Intermediate (IELTS 5) (Trinity 6)

Step 8 Upper Intermediate (IELTS 6) (Trinity 7)

Step 9 Advanced Intermediate (IELTS 7) (Trinity 8)

Stage 4 - Level 3:

Step 10 Pre Advanced (IELTS 8) (Trinity 9)

Step 11 Advanced (Highest level For Standard American) (IELTS 9) (Trinity 10)

Step 12 Proficiency in the English Language (British) (Trinity 11)

Stage 5 - Level 4:

Step 13 Mastery (of the English Language) (British English) (Trinity 12)

Step 14 Native English Speaker Level (British English)

Step 15 Accent Neutral - Native British English - (The Queens English)

The corresponding levels shown for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the Trinity College Spoken English Examinations are shown for guidance.

All English Council courses are "Total immersion" courses, following a communicative syllabus, with a step-by-step immersion process, replicating the experience of learning one's first language. All courses include a balance of grammar and pronunciation, plus vocabulary building and functional English for all situations. Courses are designed to help improve Spoken English language skills, through a variety of authentic situations, using a wide range of materials and methods to help develop and improve language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, without using translation, memorization or grammar drilling. At the end of each course, each student receives a certificate endorsed by the English Council, indicating his or her achieved level of spoken English.

All English Council courses are suitable for preparation for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the Trinity College Spoken English Examinations our Business English and our in-depth and interactive TESOL course

Why learn English at an English Council registered school or with an English Council registered teach: The answer is straight forward: Because it's easier, it's faster, it produces better results and just as important - you will find it much more stimulating and enjoyable. If a school or teacher is registered with the English Council then they are probably the best in your area/country.

Easier: Studying a language demands a lot of energy and discipline from you. You have a million other things to do and each time, before you go to your class or start your assignment/homework, you have to "get back into it". The only aim during your English language course with an English Council registered school, is for you to learn English, not only as well as you can but also as fast as you can. Learning English the English Council way, it will come more naturally and stay with you longer.

Faster: During the course, you will be exposed to English throughout. You will be totally immersed in the language and you will hear, read and speak nothing but English all the time you are in the class or on-line with your tutor. In this way, you will pick up an amazing amount very quickly, both inside and outside the classroom. You will hear the language as it is used by native speakers; you will have the opportunity to use your newly acquired language in many situations every time, while you are in a lesson.

Better Results: A language is more than just grammar and a collection of words, it is a means of communication between people, which is why you can never really learn a language from a book and why we here at the English Council put the emphasis on communication, talking and learning by experience. You will notice that, both in class and outside, you will participate in daily life with the teachers and your fellow students - the best way to strengthen your speaking skills quickly and at the same time, understand the emotion attached to certain words. Essential knowledge you can only obtain from teachers with a native quality of spoken English.

You should find English Council style lessons, more stimulating and enjoyable: When you learn English with an English Council registered school or teacher, studying is definitely not dull or boring. You will be introduced to the rich English culture, to help you understand more of what you are learning. Learning English in an English council registered school will be an adventure for you all.


The English Council Methodology is Student-centred teaching, which is recognised as the most effective way to learn languages. The Director of Studies, guides all teachers in focussing on each individual's language needs. Teaching includes all aspects of the English language such as grammar, functions, phonology and vocabulary. Predominantly, focusing on the spoken English, which through constant and sustained use, all other aspects of the target language can be obtained. The English Council maintain that a language should be use to be learnt and not learnt to be used We use interesting classroom activities carried out throughout the course, often using; pair and group work to encourage interaction and to motivate students. Our aim is for you to enjoy a very good relationship with the teacher and your fellow students, creating the optimum environment for your learning.

The main aim of all our courses, in all our recommended schools and on-line, is to give all students the confidence to use their spoken English, which in turn will give them the confidence and motivation to improve all aspects of their English.

While English as a Spoken Language is important in order to achieve the level of fluency required for; Business, Tourism, Job-seeking, Communication, Employment etc., an all-round education in the four skills plus an emphasis on 'pronunciation' which is an essential prelude to further studies for TOEIC, IELTS and TEFL/TESOL Preparation, and other Academic and Specific Purposes.

Our teachers and English Council staff offers guidance and support to all our students from the moment they enquire about the courses until they complete their studies.

English Council Exams:

All English Council exams are available in all our registered schools and on-line, the quality of each exam is the same weather you prepare and then take it on-line or in a school. The on-line courses and exams have the benefit of our unique on-line interactive system, with live support and tutorials.

The following courses are all on-going and you can register for them at any time.

English Council Introduction to - TESOL Level 1 course:

This course is an introduction to the world of TESOL. The course has been designed especially for those with little experience of teaching English as a second language and whom wishes to discover his/her own aptitude and suitability before committing him/herself to the expense and length of a full English language teaching qualification course, CertTESOL.

English Council Cert-TESOL course: Level 2 Course:

You can go direct to the CertTesol course if you are confident of yourself and your ability in English.

This course will allow you to proceed as a fully qualified teacher of English and be able to teach English to others, anywhere in the world. English Council Dip-TESOL course is 100 hours in duration, with ongoing assessment and monitoring. In addition, our interactive teaching on-line

English Council Dip-TESOL course: Level 3 Course:

The full Dip-TESOL course has a substantial amount of the course supervised and assessed by an on-line tutor. The English Council Dip-TESOL course is 250 hours in duration, with ongoing assessment and monitoring. In addition, our interactive teaching on-line.

English Council Business English Certificate Course

This course introduces key business concepts and subjects to help you develop practical language skills for the modern business world, increasing your business vocabulary and your ability to communicate on all levels. This course will help you to improve your English, to improve your job, to improve your life.

English Council Business English Diploma Course

The English Council Business English Diploma Course will give you a full in-depth knowledge of Business English and the ability to be able to teach it to others

English Council Spoken English Perfection Course

Our English Perfection course will help to increase your confidence when speaking English with both native English and non-native English speakers.