Perfection Course


Improve your English, to improve your job, to improve your life.

The English Council's English Perfection course is assessed using the English Council's Level of English Assessment grading system which has 15 levels to perfection in using and understanding English.

Starting at level 1, with very limited use of English to level 15, with full fluent use of English in all situations to the standard of a good Native Speaker with a neutral accent.

Our English Perfection course will help to increase your confidence when speaking English with both native English and non-native English speakers. This course is ideal for call center use and preparation.

All English Council courses are "total immersion" courses, following a communicative syllabus, with a step-by-step immersion process, replicating the experience of learning one's first language.

All courses include a balance of grammar and pronunciation, including Intonation and word stress, plus vocabulary building and functional English for all situations through constant practice, using situational role-playing, group discussions, and individual presentations; we will identify strategies and specific conversational techniques to help each student improve his or her spoken English.

Our courses are designed to help improve your Spoken English language skills. We will be using a variety of authentic situations, with a wide range of materials and methods. We will help you to develop and improve your language skills in; speaking, listening, reading and writing but most of all in conversational fluency and attention will be given to the idiomatic use of English. Each course at each level will have an element of spoken communication with the course tutor, with our interactive lessons.

Students receive a certificate from the English Council, indicating both, their achieved level of spoken English and their passive knowledge of English, at the end of each course or pre-arranged set of courses.

English Council Official English Level Assessment Chart 15 steps to Perfection

We assess all students at the beginning of their course, to set their start level, and then help them to increase their level. Each course has three modules; with the starting module at the level achieved in the assessment test. You may book our English Perfection course in stages, until you reach the level you desire. For example if you start at a Stage 2 Level 5 and want to reach a Stage 5 Level 14 then you can book three Stages, which will give you nine modules in total. There is a sliding scale in the cost of each Stage, as you book them. The more you book at the same time the lower the cost for each Stage. Alternatively, you can book the whole course at the beginning, giving you the maximum discount.

Each stage of the English Perfection Course purchased separately, costs £35.00 ($58.00)

  • If you book 2 stages at the same time - the cost is £65.00 ($108.00)
  • If you book 3 stages at the same time - the cost is £90.00 ($149.00)
  • If you book 4 stages at the same time - the cost is £110.00 ($182.00)
  • If you book all 5 stages (the full course) - the cost is £120.00 ($199.00)
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