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The English Council Teachers Registration is for teachers who have achieved a recognised level of ESOL with an English Council course or have a qualification equivalent and recognised by the English council

All registered and approved Teachers with the English Council have a high level of Spoken International English.

To register on the basic English Council Teachers Register is Free of any charge

There are four recognised levels for teachers on the English Council Register, as follows:

  • Level One - Teaching Assistant, with a good grounding in all aspects of ESOL.

  • Level Two - Certificated Teacher of TESOL, with teaching experience and student contact time of over 10 hours minimum,

  • Level Three - Diploma Teacher of TESOL, with teaching experience and student contact time of over 1,000 hours minimum plus administration experience, course designed and planing.

  • Level Four - Teacher Trainer of ESOL - Diploma plus teaching experience and student contact time of over 2,500 hours minimum plus all aspects of teaching all levels and all ages plus administration experience, course design and planning.

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Teachers Registered


Please find below a list of teachers already registered.

Name of Teacher

Reg. No.

Details of Teachers Level/experience

E-mail address

Phone number


Keith Wakefield 152510 Level 4 - Teacher Trainer - 15 years keithatela@yahoo.com  


Mark Wakefield 152511 Level 3 - 15 years


Alan Staford Jones 


Level 4 Teacher Trainer  




Stephen Copp 152513 Level 2    


Ella Tyler 152515 Level 1 ella@mountlands.co.uk  


Harriet Wooltorton 152516 Level 1    


Debara ??? 152517 Level 1 debara@mountlands.co.uk  


Linda Warner 152518 Level 1


Dan Pryke 152519 Level 1  


Katy Roundsmith 152520 Level 1


Alison Smith 152521 Level 1    


Natasha Burrell  152522 Level 1    


Elaine Resurreccion 


Level 2  




Ynaling Li 


Level 2